LG Universal Remote Codes List

To configure a LG universal remote for your smart devices you need LG Universal Remote Codes that are unique 4 digit or 5 digit codes. These LG Universal remote codes are used to program a universal lg remote with your device and perform all the functions of a original remote. After programming the universal remote with valid remote codes you can access multiple devices using this single LG universal remote.

If you have a LG Tv device, then you can program it using compatible lg remote codes. Below on the same page, you will find a comprehensive list of lg tv remote codes to program and connect your LG TV. Here you can also find the Lg universal remote codes with instructions to program Vizio tv, directv, dish, bose, charter, Blu-ray, soundbar, samsung and Sony dvd player and more.

LG Universal Remote Codes List


These universal remote codes are used according to the code list version of the remote and brand type. To save your time, we always suggest you to check the user- manual and remote guide that you received with your device and follow the process and instructions accordingly.

We update all kind of universal remote codes along with the instructions of programming. While programming universal remote for lg you need to enter the valid remote control codes. These unique universal codes used to provide commands to the smart devices so that they perform the functions accordingly. If your remote is programmed correctly then the device will get the command and it will perform the functions you want else it will not work with your remote.

LG Universal Remote Manual For All Devices

lg universal remote manual 1

How to Program a LG Universal Remote Control

Programming a universal remote for any remote brand or device is very easy and quick task that anybody can perform even a non-technical person. All you need to program a universal remote is codes, popularly called as Universal remote codes of the particular remote brand. So below we have updated two mainly used programming methods for LG universal remotes that are as below.

Set Up Universal Remote For LG Devices

Before starting the programming process, you may need to make sure that your remote has batteries inserted on it and in the working conditions. Thereafter, you need to switch on the TV. Now you have to follow the instructions steps as mentioned:

  • Go to menus and select settings, then choose the remote and tap on program remote-> tap on TV (or device you are programming)
  • Slide the mode switch from the top and select “TV”. Enter remote brand “LG”. Now press and hold the “select” tab and “mute” keys.
  • Now wait till the indicator light blinks for at least 4 times.
  • Enter The code from codes list which is listed above
  • If the entered universal code is accepted, then the button/light that starts illuminating in the above mentioned step 2 will turns off. Now test the keys like volume If that works or if not, then you need to repeat steps 1 to step 5 by entering available alternative universal remote codes for lg remote brand.
  • Repeat the same process for all your devices you want to configure using this lg universal remote.

How To Program Universal Remote For LG Without Codes

If the above given programming method doesn’t work for programming your universal remote appropriately then you need to try the another remote programming method that you may find here. Follow all these step by step instructions carefully to successfully program your remote and enjoy all the functions of your original device remote.

In this programming method, also you need to have a working batteries in your remote as well as the device you are trying to program should be turn on.

  • Click on the device key like TV (or the device you wish to program).
  • Now tap on and hold the Setup key until the TV button blinks for twice.
  • The enter 9-9-1: after entering the digit the tv key will again blink two times.
  • Tap on the POWER key for once and then release the key.
  • Click on the CH+ key repeatedly until the device will switched off.
  • Now once click on the setup key and then release then the tv key will blink twice.
  • Check the remote now for CH+- and volume keys if those are working fine.
  • If not then you need to choose alternative remote code or programming method. And if those are working properly then you have configured your remote successfully.


This article is all about programming a LG universal remote control to work as a original device remote. Please share your feedback, how you feel about this article and if you have any suggestions and improvements so we can serve you better. We regularly post new universal remote codes and program instructions for all the remote brands on our website, so let us know if you are looking for any universal remote code that are not yet listed here via comments.