Directv Remote Codes for LG TV

The Directv remote are mainly of two types- universal or directv genie remote.  You can program the directv remotes directly with on-screen instructions or manually. Programming with on screen instructions are more flexible and easy process but it may not work with all devices. Whereas the manual pairing option guaranteed to work with every device. But you must need to have Directv remote codes for lg tv to program the remote control with manual instructions. We have also updated a huge range of directv remote codes lg here so you can select the remote codes available for your remote brand and model. Also, you can program and operate multiple devices using a single directv remote control including the LG TV, DVD, CBL, Blu-ray and many more using this process.

Directv Remote Codes for LG TV List

Your directv codes for lg tv are updated on the same page with a variety of remote models and types. So you can find your remote brand in the list available and choose the valid remote control codes to setup the remote. More than one code is available for each of the listed brand with 4 digit & 5 digit codes.

  • 11860
  • 11423
  • 12358
  • 10178
  • 13941
  • 14017

So if directv universal remote codes for LG TV are not works to program your remote control. You can make use of any other code available for your remote brand and program the remote.

How to Program A Directv Remote To LG TV

To program your directv remote control for LG Tv, here we have update two main methods using the direct code entry and auto code search method even you can use program philips universal remote to lg tv this as well because the process is same. This guide will be useful for you if you wants to program the direct remote for lg tv using any of these methods. 

  1. “Switch on” the LG TV by clicking on the Power button.
  2. Point out the universal remote to face the device you are remote programming.
  3. Search the TV option on universal remote for LG TV. Tap on the “SETUP” key. It will process remote to the learning mode.
  4. Find the directv remote lg tv code from the given codes list.
  5. If you have followed the process right, the led light blinks 4 times. When it blinks, choose any of the code and enter it. The key light will go off once you found the valid remote code. 
  6. Tap any of the keys like CH+ or Vol+ on the remote control. If it does, means you have done the process correctly. If it doesn’t, repeat the same process with another remote code.

How To Program Directv Remote To LG TV Without Codes

  • “Turn on” the device you wants to program
  • Search the “SETUP” key on the remote control
  • Enter 991 code with numeric keypad
  • Tap any functional key on the remote to control the device function.


Please share us how you feel about this directv universal remote codes for lg article. We have provided universal codes for many brands and devices along with the remote programming guide. Write us via comments if want ge remote guide or any other universal remote brand guide.

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