GE Universal Remote Codes for LG TV

Now the days, we have a lot of smart devices at our homes like TV, DVD, Blu-ray, set-top box, soundbars and many more. Every device comes with their original remote to operate and enjoy all the device functions seamlessly. But due to a lot of remotes we get confused most of the times and could not find the correct remote when needed. GE Universal remote for LG TV helps you to get rid of this clutter and access all your devices using a single remote even we are providing how to program a ge universal remote to lg soundbar guide. 

To program a universal GE remote you must have working GE Universal Remote Codes for LG TV. These GE Universal Remote Codes for LG Smart TV are unique codes of 4 digit & 5 digits that works according to code list version of the remote. Below here we have updated a wide range of GE 6 device universal remote codes for LG TV that are compatible with most GE remote models.

GE Universal Remote Codes for LG TV List

We have listed down GE Universal remote CL5 codes for LG TV for all types of GE remote models. You have to use these codes according to your universal remote compatibility. Below available codes are GE universal remote codes for all in one which means these can be used for Cl4, CL5, and CL3 remote versions. After entering the valid remote codes you just need to follow the programming instructions and for ge universal remote codes for lg dvd player get from here and follow below guide to setup. If the remote codes are valid you are ready to access your device functions using the universal remote you have just programmed. If the GE Universal remote codes for LG TV you have used are not valid or appropriate then you need to try using alternative universal remote codes or try another remote programming methods.

GE Cl3 Universal Remote Codes for LG TV

0001, 5511, 3001, 5501, 3021, 3091, 3221, 3281, 3311, 5271, 0131, 0251, 0611, 0761, 0931, 1181, 1221, 1471, 1501, 1911, 3811, 4731

GE Cl4 Universal Remote Codes for LG TV

6021, 0001, 5511, 3001, 1911, 1181, 1221

GE Cl5 Universal Remote Codes for LG TV

6021, 0001, 5511, 3001, 1911, 1181, 1221

How to Program a GE Universal Remote to LG TV

There are various methods by which you can program a GE universal remote for LG TV device like Direct Entry and Automatic code search methods. To program a GE remote you can use how to program dish remote to lg tv method for programming methods following the step by step instructions given in this post. So, Have a look at the below given all the remote programming methods and select any one to program the remote using the correct remote codes.

How to Connect a Universal Remote to LG TV using Direct Entry Method

  1. Initially you have to remove the cover & batteries to check the label and model number of the remote. You can also find the GE universal remote code list for your universal remote from the code list available here.
  2. Now enter the correct remote code from the GE remote code list available below and switch on the device like TV, DVR, DVD player, etc.
  3. Now hold on the Setup key for a few seconds until the indicator light turns “RED”. Then tap on the parallel device key like TV, DVD or AUX.
  4. Fill the remote code (3 digit or 4 digit). If the remote code is valid, then indicator light will turns off.
  5. Then click on the Power key. If the device turns off, your remote control is programmed successfully.
  6. If not, then repeat the same process using another GE remote.

How to Program LG Universal Remote using Auto-Code Search

If you don’t have access to specific universal remote codes then you can use the auto code search method for the brand or type of smart device you want to setup the remote control. The universal code scan the entire code list in the database and check many codes at a time and it can be used for ge universal remote codes lg blu ray also.

  1. At first, search the remote version and turn on the TV or device you wish to control.
  2. Tap on the setup key for a few seconds and then click on the alternative device key (TV, DVD, etc.)
  3. Click on the Power key to switch off the device.
  4. If you are using V3, V3 or V4 remote and remote programming a DVD player, tap on the play key and wait for the smart device to respond and start playing.
  5. After 2 seconds, click on the Power/Play key again. The device will turns off.
  6. V2, V3 and V4 remote automatically send the instructions after every 2 seconds.
  7. Tap on the OK/Enter keys on the remote to lock up the remote code. The led indicator light will turns off, if you have successfully entered the universal code.


This article is all about setting up GE Universal remote code to LG TV using the remote codes and programming instructions. Please share your feedback & suggestions so we can make improvements to our website. Also, we accept lg tv codes for philips universal remote via comments so if you have any that are not updated here or you are looking for any remote codes let us know.

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