LG Blu Ray Player Universal Remote Codes

LG blu ray player device works with any kind of universal remote controls to program and operate device functions. If you are looking for universal remote control codes to operate your LG Blu Ray Player then you can find it below and lg soundbar codes you can find here. These universal remote codes are unique codes of 3 or 4 digits that work to connect and send commands to device via universal remote control. To support you guys in programming your LG blu ray universal remote, below we have updated a list of latest LG Blu Ray Universal Remote Codes along with various universal remote programming methods.

LG Blu Ray Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes

To program a universal remote you need to enter LG blu ray universal remote control codes according to the code list version of the remote. Based on this code lists version you will get which kind of remote codes works with your remote like 4 digit, 5 digit or 3 digit codes. Here we have listed down LG Blu Ray 4 digit universal remote codes for all the universal remote brands and models. Just select a remote code and start configuring your remote control.

  • 0741
  • 1602
  • 2297
  • 2303
  • 2039
  • 2339
  • 2368
  • 2270
  • 2371
  • 2352
  • 2363

LG Blu Ray Universal Remote 3 Digit Codes

If your remote needs 3 digit universal remote codes to configure with LG blu ray player then you find the perfect codes from the below given list. If a remote code doesn’t work to program your universal remote then you can select any alternative remote code from this list and program your universal remote.

  • 615
  • 824
  • 899
  • 673

How to Program LG Blu Ray Universal Remote without Codes?

If you don’t find any universal remote control codes to program your remote then you can use auto code search method and those who using ge remote to setup blu ray player you can follow these steps and program your remote. In this method all the codes are go through the scanning process. It scans one code at a time to search for the correct remote code that is perfect to program your LG blu ray remote control. Follow the step by step process here:

  1. Turn on the device such as TV, Blu Ray for which you want to configure remote.
  2. Start the universal remote, tap on the device key which you are programming like blu ray for 3 seconds. The light illuminates denotes that device is ready to program.
  3. Aim the remote to device and tap on CH+ & CH- keys. Remote with display on/off signals. Click on Up & Down keys continuously till the device turns off.
  4. Verify the code by tap on the power button. Device should start on. If it initiates, try changing the channel to verify the remote is programmed correctly.
  5. Now press the device button to save the remote code. device led will blinks twice for confirming  the stored code.

How To Program LG Blu Ray Player using Manual Methods?

  1. Initially you need to turn the device on.
  2. Tap the device key like TV on the LG Blu ray universal remote.
  3. Now tap & hold the  setup key of universal remote until the light flash illuminates.
  4. Enter the keycode which  you have get from the code list.
  5. Once the process is done, just point out the remote to TV and press & hold the power key.
  6. Now you can release the power button when the screen switches off.

If these two method any work you can try how to program insignia remote for lg tv method there you find another find working method with simple steps.

Troubleshooting Universal Remote Issues

When facing issues with your universal remote while trying to control your LG Blu-Ray player, a systematic approach to troubleshooting can save you time and frustration.

A. Unresponsive Buttons

If buttons on your remote are unresponsive, first check to ensure they aren’t physically stuck. Clean the remote if necessary, removing any dirt or debris that might be obstructing button contact. If the issue persists, replace the batteries, as weak batteries are often responsible for poor remote performance.

B. Inconsistent Performance

For a remote that works intermittently:

Check the Batteries: Weak batteries can cause inconsistent behavior. Replace them with new ones to see if performance improves.

Distance and Angle: Ensure you’re within the remote’s operation range (usually around 10 meters) and there’s a clear line of sight to the Blu-Ray player.

Interference: Other electronic devices can interfere with the remote’s signal. Eliminate any potential sources of interference and test the remote again.

C. Resetting the Remote

If other troubleshooting steps fail:

  1. Power Cycle the Remote: Remove batteries, then press each button on the remote for a few seconds to discharge it. Re-insert the batteries and try the remote again.
  2. Factory Reset:
    • Remove the batteries.
    • Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds.
    • Reinstall the batteries and attempt to use the remote.


That’s all about the LG Blu ray player universal remote article. Hope you will find this guide helpful in programming your universal remote control. Please share your feedback and suggestions to make us improve and also let us know if you are looking for any new universal codes that are not update here via comments.

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