LG akb75375604 Remote Programming Guide

This magic remote can be used to control compatible home entertainment devices. You can remove the clutter of having multiple remote controls for TV, setup box, ge remote lg soundbar, home theater and other devices after programming the LG akb75275604 remote control and this below method can program directv remote to lg tv also. Below we have mentioned all the remote programming methods for the universal remote.

Method 1:  How to Program LG akb75375604 Remote

Follow the instructions given in video guide

  1. To start, press 123/input key from magic remote.
  2. This will show universal remote control user interface in the corner of screen.
  3. Tap on setup bar, that will show the device connector screen
  4. Choose the device you want to connect and start programming with following the instructions.

Method 2: How to Program LG akb75375604 Remote

A complete interactive guide is always available on your TV device that gives you an brief idea of universal remote control. 

  1. Go through the Home menu, Navigate to Guide /troubleshoot that requires based on your TV model. 
  2. Now choose How to operate TV and then Universal Remote Control. 
  3. Follow step by step instructions given in the universal remote guide to setup the universal remote. 
  4. You can access web version from your computer system. In some old browser this web version may not support, if you feel difficulties in access the web version, you can follow the explanations in option 3.

LG akb75375604 Remote Manual With Explanation

LG akb75375604 Remote Manual

Method 3: Initial Setup For LG akb75375604 Remote

  • Tap on Home from your magic remote, and then click on Device connector.
  • The prompt is easy to go with from here. Choose the device you want to operate from the list provided. 
  • If the device type you are looking for is not available there, you may need to contact the manufacturer for asking if it supports universal remote from LG magic remote.
  • Now choose the corresponding input port, service provided, manufacturer or needed information about device and tap on NEXT.
  • For instance- Play, power, pause, CH+-, Vol+-  keys controls the device on pressing from the screen.
  • If the keys do not work as expected, choose the other remote type, and use cursor to test the functions. 
  • Any one of the remote type should control the external device perfectly. If not you need to contact manufacturer to provide the configuration code. 
  • Proceed further with next step and remaining options to make the remote for configured and smarter to use the required functions.

I hope you understand the programming steps to set up the remote for your device like TV, BLU RAY and SOUNDBAR etc.. and while programming you need codes those codes such as lg dvd universal remote codes are available in homepage so do have a look and up the right code based on your device and enter the code while programming.

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