LG Sound Bar Remote Codes

If you own a LG sound bar device and would like to control it using a universal remote control then you may need working LG sound bar remote codes. Using these universal remote codes for LG sound bar you can program the remote control for your device and enjoy its functions seamlessly. 

Remote codes are 4 or 5 digit universal codes that we need to use according to the remote brand and type. Some sound bar devices programmed to accept the IR commands to operate them. You need to apply TV volume IR, AUX mode on CABLE/SAT remote to control the sound bar as new version of these remote accepts code under the AUX codes. All the codes listed here will work with LG sound bars and operate most functions.

LG Sound Bar Remote Codes List

  • 1293
  • 4041
  • 4025
  • 32676
  • 11993
  • 31953
  • 31293

Use 993 remote code to make AUX volume mode control the sound bar device. You can unlock the volume function with 993 code as you did in program dish remote to lg tv this method and the Comcast remote then control the volume through the soundbar and not from the TV device.

How To Program LG Sound Bar For Universal Remote

Do the code search using the volume- with soundbar on- volume up – but muted- 

  1. Use AV1 & AV2
  2. Tap & hold on the MUTE & SELECT.
  3. LED blinks for twice and then release
  4. Now press 9 9 1 from the numeric keypad of the remote.
  5. Tap 3 on the remote.
  6. Click on and release the SELECT or VOL UP
  7. Aim the remote at the soundbar & keep taping & releasing the channel up.
  8. Once the volume changes, click on select to store the code.

If the universal remote does not on turn on the Soundbar power on and off, you need to use the middle PWR key in the AV1 or AV2 device as this may control a soundbar device.

By following these simple step you will able to program your LG sound bar with any universal remote without wasting too much time on find codes and looking for setup steps on online. We provided above codes after we checking only so you no need to worry about these are working codes or not just simply pick the code and start following above method and if you need ge remote program steps then visit this post you will find alternate way to program lg sound bar with universal remote.

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