Blackweb Remote Codes for LG TV

For your blackweb universal remote if you are looking for universal remote codes to connect with LG TV then you are landed at the right page. These universal remote codes are 4 or 5 digit universal codes that works to identify the instructions from the remote control to the main device for performing the functions.

Blackweb Remote Codes for LG TV List

A list of wide varieties of blackweb universal remote codes for lg tv are listed here. You just need to check code list version of your remote and select a universal remote code from the list according to that for your remote brand & type and start universal remote programming.














Programming Instructions for Blackweb Remote for LG TV

There are a few simple steps to program your blackweb universal remote to LG TV. Just follow these steps and enter the correct universal remote codes and your remote will be programmed successfully in no time. 

  • Tap and hold on the Program key until the power button illuminates red.
  • Red indicator light of power key remains on. 
  • Choose the device you wish to program from the device categories mentioned in the remote like TV, CBL/SAT, AMP, STREAM, AUX and blu-ray. 
  • Red light of power key indicator will blink for twice and then remains lit.
  • Now enter the 4 digit universal remote control code from the available code list for the brand & category of your device. 
  • The power key’s red indicator light turns off if you have entered the valid code.
  • If the red indicator light of power key if still illuminating, that means code you have entered is incorrect, in that scenario, you have to check the code list again and repeat all the programming steps till your remote gets programmed successfully. 

These are the very easy steps to set up your blackweb remote for lg tv like lg dvd player remote programming without wasting time for looking codes and working programming steps. incase while setting up remote if you face any problem then do comment below we will guide you to how to fix that error and for other brand remote codes also you can contact us incase you not find those codes in this website.

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