Spectrum Remote Codes for LG TV

Do you want to program a spectrum remote control for your LG TV device?  You may need spectrum lg tv codes to setup a spectrum remote control to work with your tv device. Spectrum is a well known universal remote control brand in the market. Because of any reasons if you have misplaced or destroyed your LG TV remote then you can make use of spectrum remote control to access all your device functions without compromising in the features. But to use the spectrum remote as a replacement of LG tv remote control you need to program it using the spectrum lg tv code. You may find lg tv spectrum remote code in the same article. 

Spectrum Remote Codes for LG TV List

Spectrum remotes can be configured using simple programming instructions of direct code entry, manual installation or auto code search method. All these methods are easy to follow and quick to perform. So you can select any of the programming methods like universal method how to program universal remote to lg tv and follow their instructions till your remote gets programmed. Before start programming the remote control, search for the spectrum remote code for lg tv from the below available codes list.

  • 11423
  • 10178
  • 12864
  • 14398
  • 12867
  • 10017
  • 10442

If you didn’t find a universal remote code that works with your device then you can program your spectrum remote using the auto code search method. It will auto scan the codes from the device library same as philips universal remote codes for lg tv and display the code that is applicable to setup the control.

How to Program Spectrum Remote to LG TV

Before using any code you may need to know how you can use these spectrum remote codes lg tv to program your remote control. Our post includes a guide to program the spectrum remote to lg tv. Follow the steps carefully to program your spectrum remote control. You can choose any programming method as per your choice.

  1. Turn on LG TV device.
  2. Hold the spectrum universal remote in front of TV you are programming.
  3. Search the SETUP key on the universal remote. A light flashes from your universal remote.  Tap on TV if you are programming tv device. CBL or SAT for cable or satellite box.
  4. Then you will find the field to enter the universal remote code.
  5. If the process followed correctly, the led light indicator blinks 4 times. When it does, choose any of the remote code available for your device and enter it. The indicator light will go off once you find the right code. 
  6. Click on any of the functions key from your spectrum universal remote control. If it does works perfectly, that means you have programmed the remote successfully.  If the functions doesn’t work using the universal remote then you need to repeat the programming steps with another code. 

Final Words:

Our guide will definitely help you in program and setup your spectrum remote control for LG TV. We hope you will find it useful in finding the relevant remote codes. If you any universal remote codes that is not available in our codes list, please share it with us via comments so we can add it here.

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