How to Program Universal Remote to LG TV

Did you just purchase a LG TV and can’t find its remote? Or might be the device remote is broken or damaged and you may need to purchase a new remote. You might think about to setup a universal remote control to LG TV but didn’t aware of the whole process to do so. This article belongs to all the LG TV stuff to program & setup the remote control.

LG TV devices can be programed and operated using any modern universal remote control example program lg remote to soundbar kind of methods. Using the LG universal remote codes, you can setup the universal remote for LG TV. Because of any circumstances if you misplace or lost the device remote, it will be typical to search and buy a new original remote or a remote that is compatible with your LG TV device to operate all its functions. The best and budget friendly option available in the market is setting up a universal remote for LG TV without codes. Now the questions are how to setup universal remote to LG TV. Our guide provides you solution to this problem with the clean instructions to program the universal remote control for LG TV.

How Do I Program My Universal Remote To My LG TV

Searching the LG TV universal remote control codes can be tedious task for everyone who are struggling to setup a universal remote. You may need to go through various websites to search for the LG universal remote setup codes and program instructions. But now you are at the right webpage where you will find all the instructions to program a universal remote control for LG TV along with the working universal remote codes for LG TV of many remote brands and types.

Before programming the universal remote control, make sure the remote has working batteries in it that are new and rust free.

  • Navigate to MENU in the remote and click on SETTINGS.
  • Click on the Program button and then select the device category like TV.
  • Slide down the mode key at top to TV and then enter LG. Tap & hold the SELECT & MUTE keys.
  • Wait for the light to flash 4 times.
  • Then enter 10178 lg remote codes
  • If the remote has accepted the universal remote code then key that was lit turns off. 
  • Now test the VOL+- to work as expected. If not then repeat the same process again by entering the lg remote codes 11178.

LG Universal Remote Setup Guide

Using the universal remote control, you can setup various electronics devices such as Set-top box, blu-ray, DVD player, VCR, home theater and the important one TV device using the magic or slim remote. To setup a lg universal remote control you need to follow the instructions as:

  • Make sure the power supply is on and the remote has working batteries in it.
  • Now check the device you wants to set is connected to the LG TV.
  • Tap on the HOME key on the universal remote and select the Cable key at the top right.
  • Then choose All Inputs & navigate to inputs.
  • Choose the input mode that device is connected to inputs.
  • If you click on the Setup universal remote control, you can set the universal control. Follow on-screen instructions to finish up the setup.

Final Words:

Our article is all about how to connect universal remote to lg tv along with universal remote codes. Please write us your experience about this article and let us know if you are looking for directv remote codes for lg tv that we have not updated here from comments. You can also share if you have any new universal codes.

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