How to Program Universal Remote to LG TV

If you’ve recently bought an LG TV, lost its remote, or it’s damaged, you may consider setting up a universal remote. You can program and operate LG TV devices (Soundbar) with any modern universal remote using LG’s universal remote codes. If you’ve misplaced the device remote, it can be difficult to find a replacement. The budget-friendly alternative is setting up a universal remote for your LG TV without codes. This guide provides clear instructions for programming a universal remote for your LG TV.

How Do I Program My Universal Remote To My LG TV

Searching the LG TV universal remote control codes can be tedious task for everyone who are struggling to setup a universal remote. You may need to go through various websites to search for the LG universal remote setup codes and program instructions. But now you are at the right webpage where you will find all the instructions to program a universal remote control for LG TV along with the working universal remote codes for LG TV of many remote brands and types.

Before programming the universal remote control, make sure the remote has working batteries in it that are new and rust free.

Step 1: Start by pressing the “MENU” button on your remote and navigate to “SETTINGS”.

Step 2: In the settings menu, select the “Program” button and then choose the “TV” category under device selection.

Step 3: Shift the mode key at the top of the remote to the “TV” position, then enter “LG” into the device field.

Step 4: Press and hold the “SELECT” and “MUTE” keys simultaneously until the indicator light flashes four times, signaling that the remote is ready for programming.

Step 5: Now, input the LG remote code “10178”.

Step 6: If the remote has successfully accepted the code, the previously lit key should turn off.

Step 7: To verify successful programming, test the volume up and down buttons. If they don’t work as expected, repeat the entire process using the alternate LG remote code “11178”.

How Do I Setup My Universal Remote to My LG TV?

Using the universal remote control, you can setup various electronics devices such as the set-top box, Blu-ray, DVD player, VCR, home theater, and the all-important TV device using the magic or slim remote. In the case of LG TVs, if you’re using an AKB75375604 remote, make sure to follow the instructions in the LG remote AKB75375604 manual to set it up properly. To set up an LG universal remote control, you need to follow the specified instructions.

Step 1: Please make sure that both the LG TV and the device you wish to connect are powered on. Additionally, ensure that the universal remote has functioning batteries.

Step 2: Verify that the device you wish to set up is properly connected to the LG TV.

Step 3: Press the “HOME” button on the universal remote, and then select the “Cable” button located at the top right of the remote.

Step 4: Choose “All Inputs” and navigate to the “Inputs” menu.

Step 5: Within this menu, select the specific input mode that your device is connected to.

Step 6: Click on “Setup Universal Remote Control” to begin setting up your universal control.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process. Make sure to accurately perform each step as guided to ensure proper functionality.

How Do I Reset My Universal Remote If It’s Not Working with My LG TV?

The process of resetting the remote may differ depending on the model, but generally entails pressing a sequence of buttons in a specific order. For detailed instructions, please refer to the manual that accompanies your particular remote.

Where Can I Find the Remote Code for My LG TV?

The remote code for your LG TV is typically located in the manual of your universal remote control. In the event that it is not available there, you may refer to the homepage of this website for instructions on how to retrieve the code specific to your TV model.

What Should I Do If My Universal Remote Stops Controlling My LG TV?

If you encounter difficulties with your universal remote’s control over your LG TV or setting up your LG Blu-ray player, we suggest trying a few troubleshooting steps. First, consider replacing the batteries in the remote to ensure optimal functionality. For the LG Blu-ray player setup, ensure you’re following the correct instructions for your specific model. If issues persist with the remote, you can attempt resetting it or reprogramming it to establish a connection with your TV or Blu-ray player once again.

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