Philips Universal Remote Codes for LG TV

Are you looking for Philips remote codes for LG TV list? Then you are now at the correct website. We provide all kind of universal remote codes for various device category and brands. Philips remote codes for LG TV are also available below on the same page along with programming methods. Before programming a Philips remote to LG TV, you need to make sure that the remote you wants to program is a universal remote or not. 

If the remote is a normal remote then you can’t program it with LG TV. If the remote is universal then you need to find out valid universal remote codes and program instructions. Thereafter you can move forward to setup your remote control.

Philips Universal Remote LG TV Codes List

As we all know the Philips universal remote codes for LG TV are the must have things to program your universal remote. We have categories the list of codes according to the device brand and type of remote so you can find out the remote codes that work with your remote brand easily. 

  • 0002
  • 0606
  • 0502
  • 0102
  • 0324
  • 0435
  • 0802
  • 0307
  • 0609
  • 0217

If you didn’t find any lg tv codes for Philips universal remote working for you to setup the remote control. Then you may try programming your philips universal remote codes for lg dvd player using the code search method. Program Philips universal remote to lg tv using any of the below available methods and setup your remote control to operate the LG TV device.

How to Program Philips Universal Remote to LG TV?

Here we have mentioned code search method and direct code entry with steps that helps you to easily setup the remote control using Philips universal remote to LG TV.  Select any of the given methods and follow the process carefully, till your remote gets programmed successfully.

Method 1:

  • Initially, hold on the code search key available on your remote control. Click on the particular key until the indicator light blinks for seconds.
  • Then tap on the key available for your device category like TV, SAT, CBL, VCR or any other device you wants to program the remote control.
  • Now click on the CH+ key from the Philips universal remote until the device performs changing the channels. Once the remote operates functions correctly, release the key.
  • Search for the mute key and tap on it to save the remote code in the memory of controller.

Method 2:

  • Turn on the LG TV device you are programming. 
  • Keep pressing the SETUP key until led indicator remains lit instead of blinking. Then release the key you were holding.
  • Then, start clicking & release the desired mode button. First the indicator light starts blinking and then remains on.
  • Now enter 4 digit Philips universal code for lg tv.
  • Test the device by clicking on various buttons on the remote control. If it works then you have find the valid code.
  • Repeat the same process for all devices you wish to program.

Final Words:

This guide is all about programming a Philips universal remote with LG TV device. Please share with us your feedback and suggestions so we can provide more useful content such as dish network remote codes for lg tv on this website. Also, let us know if you are missing any universal remote code here so we can update it.

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