Philips Universal Remote Codes for LG DVD Player

Do you want to program a Philips universal remote for lg dvd player? If yes then our article will definitely help you in programming the philips remote control to operate all functions of your lg dvd player. A universal remote can be programmed and operate multiple devices of other brands with a single remote. So if you have lost or damaged your original lg dvd player remote then philips universal remote will be a perfect choice as a replacement remote even for lg universal remote codes for roku as well. Find out a philips universal remote code for lg dvd player from the below available list of codes and proceed further to program your remote control.

Philips Universal Remote Codes for LG DVD Player List

The best use of a universal remote is when you program and use it to operate multiple home entertainment devices. To program the universal philips remote for a lg dvd player you must need to enter working remote codes. So we have combined here a list of philips codes for lg dvd player. If you didn’t find the remote codes to setup your remote control then you can also use auto code search method to program the remote. 

  • 0142
  • 0898
  • 0392

How to Program Philips Universal Remote for LG DVD Player

Programming a philips universal remote for lg dvd player become easy when you have working remote codes and clear programming guide. So here we have updated step by step instructions to program your remote control along with a wide variety of philips universal remote codes for lg dvd player. Let’s start programming your remote control with these steps:

Step 1: Make sure to switch on the device manually for which you wants to setup the remote control.

Step 2: Point the universal remote to the device you are programming.

Step 3: search for the power up key in the remote and tap the suitable device key. For example- to program lg dvd player click on dvd.

Step 4: You need to find the setup key at the top of universal remote. Hold the key for several seconds until the led indicator on remote blinks three times. After that releaee the setup key. 

Step 5: Now tap 9-9-1. If you get it right, the led indicator on remote blink twice.

Step 6: After that, click 1 if you wants to program tv, 0 if you want to program remote for satellite/cable. And if you want to program remote for vcr or audio device tap on 2.

Step 7: Click on the power key from the top of remote. After that, click on the CH+ on the remote a couple of times until the device you are programming turns off.

Step 8: Tap the setup key again and hold  until the indicator light flash twice. Now you have successfully programmed the remote control.


This article is all about programming a philips universal remote control for lg dvd player. Please write us about your feedback and suggestions with us via comment section so we can provide you more useful content. Also let us know if you have any new universal remote codes or looking for any remote code that are still not updated here.

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