LG DVD Player Universal Remote Codes

LG is the most renowned brand for DVD players in the market. A LG DVD player mostly comes with a remote control to operate all it’s functions. But in any case if you have lost your DVD player remote or damage it, you can setup and program universal remote control for your dvd player. 

To program a universal remote for your lg dvd player, you must have lg dvd player remote codes. You can find the working LG DVD player remote codes list below here. There are a huge variety of lg dvd player codes are available. So you will get more than one universal remote codes for all the remote brand & model. If any of the provided lg dvd player remote code doesn’t work to lg smart tv remote programming your remote then you can select any of the alternative codes to program the dvd player.

What Are The Universal Remote Codes For LG DVD Player

After you find the perfect remote code for your dvd, you need to understood how you can sync your universal remote to lg dvd player before entering the remote code even for lg universal remote codes for samsung tv device as well so make sure to do correctly.

How To Program Universal Remote Control to LG DVD Player

There are various methods available to program the universal remote control for the lg dvd player. Here we have the two best methods of programming the remote like we did in general electric universal remote codes for lg tv article if want you can follow that method as well. If a method doesn’t work you can choose alternative method to program your remote control.

  1. “Turn on” the LG DVD player set. Ensure that the DTA  is on and installed in the correct way. 
  2. Aim and hold your universal remote to dvd you wants to program.
  3. Search for the PROG option on the universal remote control. Hold the key until the LED indicator illuminates. Tap on the ‘INFO’ key. 
  4. If you have performed all the above steps correctly, then the indicator will blink continuously.
  5. Now search for the correct code from the below give list and enter here.  Once you enter the right code the dvd will show success otherwise your dvd will display sorry and you need to enter alternative codes.
  6. Tap on any of the function keys from your universal remote. If that works, your remote is programmed correctly else you need to repeat the same steps using another remote code.

How to Check if a LG remote is universal or not?

Some remotes that comes with LG DVD players are universal remote. Which means you can power them up with other devices also besides the LG DVD. To check your LG remote is a universal remote or not, check for ‘set’ and ‘mode’ options in your remote and if it has then your remote is universal if you want check the same for soundbar follow lg soundbar instructions and follow them.

If the above given LG DVD player remote programming method doesn’t work for you then you can try using this programming method or follow this post magnavox remote codes for lg tv method. 

  1. Search for the PROG key in your universal remote control click on that until the indicator light blink once.
  2. Select the dvd option.
  3. Search the right dvd code for the lg dvd from the provided list and enter it on the required section.
  4. If the light turns off after you have entered the remote codes, that means you have find the right code.


We hope you will find this article helpful in programming the remote control for your lg dvd player and if you using ge remote for lg dvd then follow this guide there we mentioned everything clearly for ge remote. Please share your feedback and suggestions with us and let us know if you are looking for any specific codes or programming method via comments.

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