GE Universal Remote Codes for LG Sound Bar

Programming a GE Universal remote control enables you to access the device functions and operate multiple devices using a single universal GE remote. All your home entertainment devices such as TV, DVD, VCR, Stereo, sound bar and ge 6 device universal remote codes for lg tv can be programmed using GE universal remote.  GE universal remote codes for LG sound bar need to configure a universal remote to operate the functions of your LG soundbar even for how to setup ge universal remote to lg blu ray also we have to do the same.

GE Universal Remote Codes for LG Sound Bar List

Below here you can find a wide variety of GE universal remote codes for LG Sound bar that are compatible with all remote types & models. So you can start programming the remote control using any of the GE universal codes available here and magnavox remote codes for lg tv will be here. If the remote code doesn’t found valid then you can choose any alternative remote codes.

LG Soundbar Remote Control Codes 4 Digit

  • 1293
  • 4025
  • 4041

LG Soundbar Remote Control Codes 5 Digit

  • 32676
  • 11993
  • 31293
  • 31953

How To Program GE Universal Remote For LG Sound Bar

1). Go to setup mode

Tap & hold on the setup key on the remote until the led light on the remote illuminates. Release the setup key. The red light will remain lit. 

Note: The led light with either a small light at the top of universal remote or a power on/off keys.

2). Tap the device type key

Click on and release the device key on the universal remote for the type of smart device you would like to control. The red light blink for once and remain on. 

Note: if a device key is not available there on the remote for type of device you are programming, you can press any device key on the remote.

3). Enter the device code

Use the numeric keys on the remote to fill up the first code shown here. The red light illuminates after you have entered the fourth digit.

4). Tests the results

Aim the universal remote at the device. Test the universal  remote keys on the remote to check if the device responds as you expected. If the device doesn’t respond with the keys, return to step 1 from above and use the another code in the list.

5). Repeat 

Repeat the same process for all your devices.

GE Universal Remote can be programmed to control an LG sound bar by using the appropriate lg soundbar remote code and following the programming instructions provided in the GE Universal Remote manual or by searching online and for DVD player follow program ge remote to lg dvd guide. It is important to follow the steps carefully to ensure that the remote is set up correctly and can control the LG sound bar as desired. Once programmed, the GE Universal Remote can be a convenient and easy-to-use option for controlling an LG sound bar.

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