RCA Universal Remote Codes For LG DVD Player

For your LG DVD player, if you would like to use a RCA universal remote then our article helps you finding the best universal remote codes to configure your universal RCA remote. Universal remote codes make the programming process easier for everyone as you just need to enter the code & follow a few steps and you are good to go. 

RCA Universal Remote Codes for LG DVD Player List

A list of all the working RCA universal remote codes for LG DVD player, including the One For All LG codes, are available in this website. These remote codes are categorized according to the remote brand and type. So, whether you’re using an RCA remote or a One For All remote, you need to check your remote for the code list version and based on that, select a universal remote code available for your remote brand.

RCA Universal Remote Codes For LG DVD Player 5 Digit

  • 30741
  • 31602
  • 30869
  • 33996

RCA Universal Remote Codes For LG DVD Player 4 Digit

  • 0741
  • 0869
  • 1602

How To Program RCA Universal Remote for LG DVD Player

Rca universal remote code programming instructions are mentioned below to program a lg dvd player. You just need to follow each steps carefully and you are good to go even lg blu ray with ge remote also because process is same except setup button. Initially you need to install the compatible batteries into your universal remote. Search for the remote code list booklet that you got with purchasing the remote. You can also find the remote code from official website or from the below given list.

Note:- If your remote brand is not listed in the code list then you can try auto code search method to get the direct codes available for your remote.

  1. “Turn On” the device you want to setup with universal remote
  2. Tap& hold on the dvd/ blu-ray setup key and power key will illuminate.
  3. Hold the dvd/blu-ray key continuously and enter your first code for the remote brand 
  4. Keep holding the keys. If the power key illuminates then you have entered the right codes. And if the power key blinks four times then the code you have entered is incorrect.
  5. This remote can be used to operate various functions of your dvd player.
  6. Check if the device functions are working correctly with universal remote else use other code and repeat the programming process.

We have mentioned 4 and 5 digit codes start from 4 digit codes if those codes not work then go with 5 digit or you can check in manual it will show 4 digit or 5 digit codes to enter and if you looking for alternate method to setup like program your remote without codes then how to connect lg universal remote to a roku tv method we provided follow those steps to set up your device

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