Chunghop Universal Remote Codes for LG

Did you recently purchase a chunghop universal remote? You can make use of this remote in setting up a replacement remote for the LG device. You can also program your universal remote with all the home entertainment devices. After programming the remote you can operate multiple devices using a single chunghop universal remote. Chunghop remote for lg can only be configure and programmed using lg universal codes for chunghop remote. So before starting the programming process you must have chunghop lg code with you. You can also check our list of universal remote codes to find the applicable code to program your remote control.

Chunghop Universal Remote Code for LG list

We have categorized our universal remote codes list according to the device & remote brands. So if you are in need of lg codes for chunghop remote then you need to check the available codes for chunghop remote control for the remote type you have. All the codes posted here are unique and latest that we have collected through various sources. These remote codes are 4 or 5 digit codes that work as per compatibility of the remote type. Once you select a code from the list, insert the batteries in the remote and start setting up the remote control.

  • 417
  • 418
  • 424
  • 425
  • 422
  • 423
  • 419
  • 420
  • 421
  • 426
  • 910

Program Chunghop Universal Remote for LG

To start with chunghop universal remote programming for lg, ensure that power supply is properly connected to LG device. Then follow the below programming steps as:

Step 1:  Ensure the remote has batteries in good condition. The remote programming is not possible if the batteries are about to end. It is advisable that you can spend a few minutes to remove the back cover of remote and check the batteries are inserted properly, and there are no rust or leaks.

Step 2: You may need to click on device specific input keys in which you are configuring the remote. These codes let remote know that you are programming a IR code for the device. The device key is located in the front phase of your universal remote.

Step 3: Tap the On/Off key from your chunghop universal remote. the device must be switched on when you program the remote control. In some of the universal remotes you may need to tap & hold on the key for a few moments for the device to switch on.

Step 4: Now check the user manual that you receive with chunghop universal to check the  flow of key press to enter in the programming mode. This sequence may be changed depending on the remote you have. Its necessary to review the user manual.

Step 5:  Then take a look at “IR Code Index” part of user manual to find the IR code of your device model. The valid IR Code is that will enable the chunghop universal remote to work appropriately. You can also find and use the IR code from the manufacturer’s portal. You need to enter the supplier’s page as per the remote brand and type of your LG device.

Step 6: Once you find the IR code corresponding to LG device, tap & hold the TV key of device we are configuring. Point out the chunghop universal remote at the TV during programming. Then enter the IR code.

Step 7:  Wait for LED indicator to blink. If the light turns on and stay lit then the code is valid and remote is programmed successfully. Else try programming using another IR code.


That’s all about programming a chunghop universal remote control for LG device for other method how to program a magnavox universal remote to a lg tv you can go through this. We hope you will like our article as we have provided the most recent universal codes and clear instructions for remote programming and incase if  you looking for another alternate method then use terk remote this is also best one with latest features.

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