Huayu Universal Remote Code for LG TV

If you guys are looking for Huayu universal remote code for LG TV then you are landed at the right page. Here we have mentioned all the lg universal remote codes list and programming instructions to program the LG TV universal remote. Huayu rm-l1130+8 lg code are also mentioned below to configure the universal remote to LG device.

Huayu Universal Remote Code for LG TV List

Huayu remote code for LG TV universal remote are updated below to program and setup remote control with your device even lg akb75375604 remote programming for also. These Hua yu universal remote control codes are latest & unique codes that works with almost all remote types & models and create a smooth user-experience to operate all the device functions.

Huayu Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes for LG TV

  • 0028
  • 0022
  • 0026

Huayu rm-36e+ Universal Remote Code List

Note: We want to let you know that the code snippets shared below work very well. They have been specially made to work with big brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, and others.

  • 011
  • 017
  • 067
  • 069
  • 071
  • 075
  • 029
  • 113
  • 117
  • 032
  • 076
  • 077
  • 080
  • 081
  • 034
  • 054
  • 078
  • 079
  • 107

How To Program Huayu Universal Remote for LG TV

Method 1- How To Unlock Huayu Remote Control

  • “Switch ON” power supply to TV, search for the code table to the corresponding code by TV brand remote control.
  • Hold on the “SET” key on the remote control & press the power key for 3 seconds, Then release.
  • Find the set of 3 digit code. Light is put out.
  • Check the keys for validity, effective set, invalid, repeat the process step 1-3.

Method 2- Search Code Sets Method:

  • Let’s play the tv set, will on the LG tv remote control.
  • Hold on the set key on the remote control is not put to click on the power key, approx 3 seconds, release the key.
  • Tap on volume +- keys.
  • When volume symbol appears on tv, tap the set key, the light is out.
  • Check for other remote control key is valid. If button is perform valid, remote program successfully. If found invalid, repeat the same process until you find the suitable code.

How To Program Huayu Universal Remote (Method 3)

This below method you should try when above 2 method are not working or we suggest you to try directv remote code for lg tv post method to program your lg device with huayu remote because process will be same for all the remote but codes will be different so just pick the codes from here and follow steps from there.

  1. Start the power supply, “TURN ON” the TV.
  2. “find the code” from the above code list by tv brand remote control.
  3. Hold the “TV” key until the illuminator light is turn on, let go of set button. 
  4. Enter 3 digit code from above list once you done entering if light is turn off then your device programmed if not then you have to start the process gain.
  5. Check the other keys for device functions.

How To Reset Huayu Remote

Resetting your remote can be a simple solution. The following steps provide a quick and easy guide to resetting your Huayu Universal Remote, ensuring it’s ready to function with your device once again.

  1. Start Reset: Press and hold the “Setup” button until the LED flashes twice.
  2. Enter Code: Input the model-specific reset code found in the manual or online.
  3. Confirm Reset: Wait for the LED to flash twice again, indicating code acceptance.
  4. Test Remote: Use the remote with your device to ensure it’s functioning properly.

We have mentioned 3 methods to program your universal remote for lg tv you can use any method and method 2 is about programming your remote without using any codes this is the best way if your device having no codes incase you have dish network 4 digit remote codes for lg tv then we provides those list as well once check them too.

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