ONN Universal Remote Codes for LG TV

Are you looking for Onn universal remote codes for LG TV then you are landed at the right place. Now you can program your favourite Onn universal remote with LG TV using the universal remote codes available below. By using Onn universal remote you can operate multiple home entertainment devices using a single universal remote control.

Onn Universal Remote Codes for LG TV List

Onn universal remote codes list for lg tv devices are updated below for all types of universal remotes. Just choose a onn universal remote control code from the list and start programming your remote control. If a remote control code doesn’t work perfectly to program your universal remote then program using alternative remote codes.

3534, 0004, 2098, 0155, 2254, 0338, 0009, 0012, 0057, 0134, 0156, 1957, 2492, 4080, 4127, 4079

How to program a Onn Universal Remote for LG TV?

Programming a universal remote control is easier if you have right remote control codes and program instructions. Below we have provided you a step by step guide to program your universal remote control using various methods. You can use any of these methods and program your onn universal remote control.

Step 1: Power on your TV: Before you start programming your remote, make sure your LG TV is turned on. This will allow you to test the remote immediately after programming it.

Step 2: Initiate Programming Mode: On your Onn Universal Remote, locate the “Program” button. Press and hold this button until the red light on the remote comes on. This indicates that the remote is now in programming mode.

Step 3: Select the Device Type: After the red light comes on, press the “TV” button on the remote. This tells the remote that you are programming it to control a TV.

Step 4: Enter the Device Code: Input the four-digit code for your LG TV. If the power light on the remote goes out, the code is accepted.

Step 5: Confirm the Code: After entering the code, the power light on the remote should go out. This indicates that the code has been accepted. If the light flashes and stays on, this means you’ve entered an invalid code, and you’ll need to repeat the process with the correct code.

Step 6: Test the Remote: Test the remote with your TV. If all functions work as expected, the process is complete. If not, try the next code in the list.

The article presents a comprehensive guide on programming an Onn universal remote specifically designed for LG TVs. It includes a helpful list of universal remote codes required for the process. To successfully program the remote, users are required to input a code, turn on the device, and adhere to the provided instructions meticulously. If a code does not work, alternative codes are suggested. The objective is to control multiple devices with a single remote.

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