Insignia Remote Codes for LG TV

The LG TV usually comes with a original remote control that perfectly operates all its functions. But if any situation arises where you need to operate your LG TV device with a universal remote control from Insignia, then you must need to have Insignia universal remote codes LG TV with you to program the remote … Read more

Directv Remote Codes for LG TV

The Directv remote are mainly of two types- universal or directv genie remote.  You can program the directv remotes directly with on-screen instructions or manually. Programming with on screen instructions are more flexible and easy process but it may not work with all devices. Whereas the manual pairing option guaranteed to work with every device. … Read more

Huayu Universal Remote Code for LG TV

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GE Universal Remote Codes for LG DVD Player

A universal remote replaces your multiple devices remote with a single GE universal remote so you don’t need individual remotes to operate your TV, DVD, VCR and other devices.  All you need is GE Universal remote codes for LG DVD Player that is listed below and program ge universal remote to lg tv can found … Read more

Chunghop Universal Remote Codes for LG

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RCA Universal Remote Codes For LG DVD Player

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GE Universal Remote Codes for LG TV

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LG DVD Player Universal Remote Codes

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Magnavox Universal Remote Codes for LG TV

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LG Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TV

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