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On your About Me page you can give a brief description of you and your skills, experience, and qualifications. You can also include information about your employer, your future career, and the products or services that you provide. However, it is important to note that these should be relevant to your job description and position. For example, if you are applying for a position as an account manager, you should not include information about your education or any other personal achievements (other than those mentioned on your About Me page) about how your educational background helped you land the position, or why educational differences did not impact your ability to successfully get the position.


One of the easiest ways to let potential customers know about you without having to include too much is to use testimonials on your About Me page. This is an effective method because it does not require you to use a hard sell on your About Me page; you can instead provide testimonials that another prospective client will find believable. There are two types of testimonials you can use: personal testimonials and professional testimonials. If you are a consultant and you have written or published a book or published articles that provide helpful advice to other people, this is a good place to mention these things. In addition, you can also offer testimonials from clients who have hired you and benefited from your services, as long as they were able to provide concrete proof about these things.


Testimonials that are too large or bold claims are not likely to convince your visitors to buy your product or service, so keep this in mind when using them. Using testimonials on your About Me page is an effective way to let potential customers know about you without appearing as though you are trying to sell to them. Remember that your About Me page is a social networking tool and you want people to take it seriously; if you make bold claims or are blatantly promotional, this will likely discourage visitors to your About Me page, which will not help you achieve your goals.